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SYNONYMS Question For All Competitive Exam SSC, RRB, BANK, IBPS AND MORE

 SYNONYMS Question For All Competitive Exam SSC, RRB, BANK, IBPS AND MORE. Synonyms form an important part of competitive Exams. Students Face Questions related to SYNONYMS In the the English Language Section Of Various Government Exam Such As SSC, Paramedical RRB, BANK, IBPS and More Exams. In this article  give you 25 SYNONYMS Question and Answer. if you don't know What is SYNONYMS first give you answer this question.

   What is SYNONYMS?

  A Synonyms is word ,the meaning of which is the same or nearly the same as the another word or phrase, that is called Synonyms. 

SYNONYMS Question For All Competitive Exam SSC, RRB, BANK, IBPS AND MORE


Direction --- In each of the Following question find out the alternative which means most near the same (Synonyms) as the word give in bold.


   01. Abandon

(a)           Discontinue

(b)           Condense

(c)            Magnify

(d)           Pursue

(e)           Remain

Ans :-  (a)           Discontinue

02. Abound

(a)     Lack

(b)     Scare

(c)      Abstruse

(d)     Swarm

(e)     Unlimited


Ans :-  (e)     Unlimited



(a)     Prosperous

(b)     Insolvent

(c)      Well off

(d)     Blameless

(e)     Injurious

Ans:- (b)     Insolvent

04.  Behaviour

(a)     Conduct

(b)     Department

(c)      Convey

(d)     Practice

(e)     Misconduct

Ans :-  (a)     Conduct

05.  Benevolence

(a)     Malice

(b)     Kindliness

(c)      Enmity

(d)     Grace

(e)     Ugliness

Ans:- (b)     Kindliness

Antonyms for competitive exams SSC CGL | All antonyms words in English

06.  Bold

(a)     Sharp

(b)     Cold

(c)      Timid

(d)     Dauntless

(e)     Blunt

Ans :-  (d)     Dauntless

07.  CLAM

(a)     Quiet

(b)     Quite

(c)      Excite

(d)     Perturb

(e)     Solicitude

 Ans :- (a)     Quiet



(a)     Cheat

(b)     Mercy

(c)      Benignity

(d)     Temperate

(e)     Simplicity

Ans :- (c)      Benignity


(a)     Adhesiveness

(b)     Separateness

(c)      United

(d)     Blocked

(e)     Joined

Ans :- (a)     Adhesiveness


(a)     Praise

(b)     Command

(c)      Greeting

(d)     C ensure

(e)     Wholeness

Ans :- (e)     Wholeness


(a)     Ambiguity

(b)     Judgment

(c)      Resolve

(d)     Determination

(e)     Result


Ans :-  (b)     Judgment


(a)     Slack

(b)     Careful

(c)      Steady

(d)     Laborious

(e)     Indolent

Ans :- (d)     Laborious



(a)     Judiciousness

(b)     Examine

(c)      Assent

(d)     Accede

(e)     Imprudence


Ans :-  (a)     Judiciousness


14.  Dreadful

(a)     Propitious

(b)     Auspicious

(c)      Frightful

(d)     Estranged

(e)     Dispensed

Ans :- (c)      Frightful

15.  Enchanted

(a)     Attracted

(b)     Captivated

(c)      Influenced

(d)     Comprehend

(e)     Nauseated

Ans :- (b)     Captivated

16.  Fierce

(a)     Wild

(b)     Dreadful

(c)      Peaceful

(d)     Gentle

(e)     Fear

Ans :-  (b)     Dreadful

17.  Fraud

(a)     Integrity

(b)     Honesty

(c)      Apprehension

(d)     Deceit

(e)     Consternation

 Ans :- (d)     Deceit

18.  Gorgeous

(a)     Magnificent

(b)     Large

(c)      Vast

(d)     Somber

(e)     Simple

Ans :- (a)     Magnificent

19.   Hypocrisy

(a)     Imagination

(b)     Pietism  

(c)      Meditation

(d)     Hesitate

Ans :- (b)     Pietism  

20.  Motion

(a)     Movement

(b)     Repose

(c)      Top Most  

(d)     Forward

Ans :- (a)     Movement

21.  Prudence

(a)     Wisdom

(b)     Pride

(c)     Counsel

(d)     Providence


       Ans :- (a)     Wisdom


22.  Sedentary

(a)     Mental

(b)     Sluggish

(c)      Swollen

(d)     Mischievous

(e)     Despondent

Ans :- (b)     Sluggish

23.  Parsimonious

(a)     Valiant

(b)     Tremulous

(c)     Stupid

(d)     Obnoxious

(e)     Stingy

 Ans :- (e)     Stingy

24.  Gregarious

(a)     Clumsy  

(b)     Pugnacious

(c)     Turbulent

(d)     Sociable

(e)     Shaking

Ans :- (d)     Sociable



 25.  Eager

(a)     Clever

(b)     Enthusiastic  

(c)     Curious

(d)     Devoted  


         Ans :-  (c)     Curious

    SYNONYMS Question For All Competitive Exam SSC,       RRB, BANK, IBPS AND MORE
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