Should we pay the school annual charge in 2021?

Should we pay the school annual charge in 2021?

Should we pay the school annual charge in 2021? 

 Ans is debate on the issue for all schools for the decision is yet to be made, and now the court has put the matter of payment back on the agenda. The court ruled that schools have to be insured under Article 26 of the Constitution. This means schools can pay the annual charges in 2017. The judgment says school owners or students should approach the court in 2021 to settle the issue. This is not the case for all schools, schools of top institutes such as IITs, NITs, and government schools are under government regulation and no fee can be charged by them until 2021. The current annual school fee in India is around Rs 50000 for primary schools, and around Rs 70000 for secondary schools, and around Rs 17000 for higher educational institutes.

The court has also clarified that schools can charge fees for extracurricular activities and sporting events. The court has clarified that the courts will not take into consideration fees for anything but academics which is not included in the fee structure. This will certainly take away the burden of schools that had been paying fees for all extracurricular activities. This will also provide schools a deadline to justify their fees. It is a win for parents and school owners and will provide some relief to the education system.

Criticism from the educationists

The case has been criticized by various educationists for putting the education system in the place of the judiciary. Many claim that education is not a part of the judicial system. This will provide a level of rigidity that is not needed in education. The court should refrain from determining educational fees in schools, and every institution should be under the law. There have been times when parents and school owners were forced to settle the issues with the government, as they did not have the resources. The schools are supposed to follow the guidelines laid by the education department. This is not good for the system and will encourage institutions to reject fees.

The financial burden of education

Parents and students have to pay various fees in schools for the items which they buy. These fees are determined by the school in which the students enroll. Fees have increased to such an extent that even the minimum fees in primary schools is Rs 1000 and is getting higher by the year. Parents are paying for the new uniform and shoes of the child when schools did not provide these for a long time. Schools have also begun charging fees for uniforms and stationery, in which parents have no say. Education should be made completely free and provided for.

Private schools have over 150 different fee structures in which the parents pay an extra amount to the school for using their facilities. For example, the parents in government schools do not have any say over the bookings. The school will provide the facilities to the students and will decide their availability. For example, the students of a private school may not have permission to have a regular gym in the school. The parents are forced to pay for using the facility and are not given a choice to select the option.

Many schools have recently started demanding as much as four times the annual fees. For example, the fees at a private school in the NCR region start from Rs 1.50000 per month for primary school and go up to nearly 60000 in secondary school. Even parents in private schools and educational institutions are against this move and are not willing to pay such an amount. The fees should be regulated, and not increased by private schools for their own profit. The financial burden of education has increased by almost half in the last few years. Even the government schools have started charging fees for each class which is a huge amount for parents. They cannot afford these fees and continue to pay for the necessary costs of their children's education. Some parents even pay more than the fees which schools have set as their fees. Parents will pay for the tuition fees of their children in the same school if they pay for the basic facility which they are using. The court will give some relief to parents, but only in the case of academia and not for schools. Private schools should not increase their fees in the name of their extra activities.

The fee which has been set by the supreme court will not only affect the educational institutions but will also affect the quality of education in the country. Private schools will increase their fees by at least double, if not more than that. Government schools will be affected badly as their government fee will be increased by almost two times. Schools will become reluctant to increase the fees as the court has set the limit of their fee. Schools in the private sector will be able to increase their fees by double, if not more than that. Many private schools would not like to increase the fees in the coming years. They will agree to the fees set by the court in 2021. They will be able to justify their higher fees by raising the quality of education. In the case of private schools, quality of education has not been the case in the past. Many parents have experienced the worst kind of education in private schools, which they cannot afford. Even they do not have the resources to pay the school fees, they struggle to pay for the uniforms and shoes of the children. The educational institutions will be able to take care of everything and parents will have to pay just for the basic education of their children.

The verdict has given a lot of relief to the parents, but it will increase the financial burden on them. Schools and institutions should have a chance to increase the fees as they need extra money to fund extra activities and


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